Hit the right tone with your sound; we'll design to your specifications.


Our promise is made-to-order

Soundnoodle is a project driven music firm based in Austin and San Diego. Our made-to-order process has produced the right sound for a variety of visions and audiences. Made-to-order means that we co-create with you to ensure you get exactly what you want, whether you're a brand needing a signature sound or a producer in search of some cool original music. 

Pump up the jam

We are proud to provide expertise in all things audio. We've been music writers for top brand campaigns, highly reviewed games, humorous viral videos, awards-winning short films and nonprofit promotions. Soundnoodlers are part impassioned musicians, part sonic analysts and part problem solvers.

On getting the right sound

All project leaders stand to benefit from choosing music that complements their vision. Music that fits can vastly improve brand perception and engagement, even moving people to act. There are many ways to effectively engage through audio; from commercial music, sound logos and product sonification to installations and sound design for broadcast, film and interactive. 

On getting the desired result

We offer an informed way for you to use your audio to great effect; be it for total immersion or to sell your product. We cringe when a great film is held back by incompatible music, or when game or ad sounds make you want to reach for the old mute button. Sound is a significant part of every experience, so let's get it right.