Brands, like people, spend lots of time and money focusing on exactly how they look. Unfortunately, what brands sound like is often overlooked. Research finds that audio plays a huge part in communication, be it interpersonal or on a commercial level. 

Original Music

Score your campaign with original music custom built for the occasion. Utilize the musical expertise of our producers; we'll compose and tailor to your specifications.

Sound Logo 

If a visual logo is the face of your brand, an audio logo is its voice. 

A Sound Logo that's consistent with your brand is a very powerful thing. Think of the 4 notes that accompany any Intel ad, the commanding horns when the 20th Century Fox logo is shown before a movie, or even the single bell tone during a Taco Bell ad. 

A few of the big brands have unique Sound Logos, but it is far from ubiquitous at this point. Here's an opportunity to help your brand stand out and increase brand recall with a few simple notes.

Sonic Profile

Soundnoodle offers unique Sonic Profiles for brands and businesses. We provide expert advice based on your specific brand attributes, regarding what your brand sounds like as a Sound logo, a music bed that accompanies promotional material, as well as the vocal qualities that you should look for when hiring voice talent. Sonic elements can tie your brand messaging and brand perception together to reinforce the qualities that you spend so much time on conveying in the visual medium. 

Full Logo Animation and Sound Logo Package

We have partnered with very talented Motion Graphics artists to give you an all-in-one logo package. What you will receive is an animated version of logo that is accompanied by a Sound Logo. This is enough to set your advertisement, online video, or promo material apart from the rest. 



Our favorite shows have music that dance with the images on the screen. Marrying the right sound to your vision relies on the relationship between filmmaker and composer. We are eager to get on the same page as you when it comes to telling your story. 

We strive to set your film apart by ensuring that the sonic elements are of utmost quality, while not breaking the bank. We provide custom songs to convey a mood, scoring to set the scene motion graphic title sequences, to open and/or close your creation, and even deliver expert advice on how to ensure that the audio quality will sound its best in post-production.




Music for Apps and Games requires certain knowledge that many music houses lack. Believe us, we learned the hard way! We can ensure that all of your sound assets are consistent and high-quality. Music cues, level themes and game-specific sounds can all be created with your input. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that your App or Game sounds like it should.

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